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In 1921, black paper labels with white Roman type began to be used, and were changed at the end of 1923 to white labels. This good fortune continued for almost seven years.By 1916, demand increased for console cabinets to house the disc players. In contrast, the cylinder phonograph business declined; by 1925, the remaining cylinder customers had to order directly from the factory.The Edison Company produced a series of period models to compete with those of the Victor Company. By 1920, Edison was the only disc company not using steel needles or the lateral method of grooves.By 1924, business began to sour with the advent of competition from radio.Additional advertising for the Diamond Disc was secured through promotion of the Edison film On the disc label, sides were indicated by "L" and "R", referring to the left side or the right side when stored vertically.The early disc issues contained the Edison trademark, Edison's image, the title of the selection, and the composer, all pressed into the glossy black surface of the disc using a half-tone electrotype. became involved in World War I, the Edison Company created the Army and Navy Model in answer to a request for machines from the United States Army Depot Quartermaster in New York. The Department of War never purchased any, but individual units bought them, some taking them overseas.Operations were cut back, and experimentation began with long-playing records.These were introduced in October 1926 along with four new console disc phonographs.

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Columbia Records, an Edison competitor, had stopped marketing cylinders in 1912.

The Edison cabinets were deemed to be less attractive than the Victrolas, and customers were required to buy Edison discs only for Edison players, since they were not compatible with other players.

The laminated surface of the discs also had a tendency to detach from the core material, and surface noise was frequently apparent, which contradicted the aim of perfection that the company was trying to achieve with its recordings.

A phenolic resin varnish called Condensite was applied to the core, and then the disc was stamped in the record press.

victrola phonograph dating-2

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The finished 10" disc weighed ten ounces, heavier than most, partially due to the 1/4" thickness of the record. The Disc Phonograph and the Edison Discs were designed to be an entire system, incompatible with other discs or disc players.

Still, the phonographs and discs were touted as being acoustically better than those of the competitors.

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