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Increasingly interested in Julia, Charles surreptitiously kisses her in a dark alley, unaware that Sebastian can see them from the other side of a canal.Jealous of his attention to his sister, Sebastian sets out to end their friendship, and on their return to England Lady Marchmain makes it clear that Charles cannot marry Julia since he professes to be an atheist.See more » The greatness of the original Brideshead Revisited was in the luxury of being able to transpose a very complicated emotional and intellectual book into words.It succeeded in this, but only just, due to superb direction, photography and script which, even in its sparseness, only just allowed the successful transition to film. The beauty of the original is that it hinted at ????

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He is currently an army officer, who is stationed at a makeshift camp set up at Brideshead estate before imminently getting shipped into battle.When Sebastian takes him home to visit his nanny, Charles is enthralled by the grandeur of the Marchmain family estate, known as Brideshead, and he is entranced by its residents, including the devout Roman Catholic Lady Marchmain and her other children, Sebastian's elder brother Bridey and his sisters Julia and Cordelia.When Lord Marchmain invites Sebastian and Julia to visit him and his mistress Cara in Venice, Lady Marchmain encourages Charles to go with them in the hope that he can act as a positive influence on her son.See full summary » The extended Forsyte family live a more than pleasant upper middle class life in Victorian and later Edwardian England.

The two central characters are Soames Forsyte and his cousin Jolyon ... Charles Ryder, though of no family or money, becomes friends with Sebastian Flyte when Sebastian throws up in his college room through an open window.

Brideshead Revisited is a 2008 British drama film directed by Julian Jarrold.