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30-Jun-2017 01:19

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Similar to the theme of the popular Private Lessons (1981), this copy-cat film told about a young senior high school student Bobby Chrystal (Matt Lattanzi, Olivia Newton John's ex-husband, a former Xanadu dancer) who was amorously tutored in "French" by live-in 30 year-old blonde Terry Green (Caren Kaye). Lauderdale, Florida for two sets of guys: nerds Nelson and Adam (David Knell and Perry Lang) who were forced to share their motel room with studly Stu (Paul Land) and O. Before the end of summer break at the start of their senior year, a foursome of inexperienced male friends made a pact to help each other.… continue reading »

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Subjects include fetishes, censorship, pornography, art, taboos, the sex-trade, monogamy and transgender issues. … continue reading »

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How nice, I can see why guys prefer such low-risk methods of contact. It's nearly impossible to get anyone you meet on an online dating site, to graduate from texting to actually communicating. Then even when you get to a couple phone conversations, even a date... But after a while, we didn't have conversations at all. When he appeared to have fallen off the planet - I gave it a few weeks and then texted him that I was disappointed that he couldn't bother to tell me he didn't want to see me any more. and we started texting again, setting up a date again, only to have him disappear again. I further explained that after I checked if we were still on for Tuesday, and he said yes... Because #1) I'm giving up on this dating crap for starters - so he'd better make it worth it.… continue reading »

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But in a lesbian or female-only community, that sort of structure doesn't make sense. Inside your apartment, your favorite restaurants, all the little details, not just a bikini picture of your body.… continue reading »

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