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Villon may have been released as part of a general jail-delivery at the accession of King Louis XI and became a free man again on 2 October 1461.In 1461, he wrote his most famous work, Le Testament (or Le Grand Testament, as it is also known). We'll miss the ERR, arriving in Sargentville on the 2nd. Cream and 4oz if I remember right Spars are done soon - Shaw and Tenny. I have a link here to a page with a few pics have more pictures,but have been unable to publish be a problem with my host. Cheersyou might be interested in this Swedish Koster too then.......I'll check with my brother and let you know our schedule. n I saved this boat from the saw ( i run that Wooden Boat Rescue Foundation thing), and it is being restored as we speak here in the states, Maryland i think.A year more passed, when Tabarie, after being arrested, turned king's evidence and accused the absent Villon of being the ringleader, and of having gone to Angers, partly at least, to arrange similar burglaries there.Villon, for either this or another crime, was sentenced to banishment; he did not attempt to return to Paris. He may have been, as his friends Regnier de Montigny and Colin des Cayeux were, a member of a wandering gang of thieves.Other details of his life are known from court or other civil documents.

As the author of the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica article writes, "Attempts have been made, in the usual fashion of conjectural biography, to fill up the gap with what a young graduate of Bohemian tendencies would, could, or might have done, but they are mainly futile." On 5 June 1455, the first major recorded incident of his life occurred.Two different versions of the formal pardon exist; in one, the culprit is identified as "François des Loges, autrement dit Villon" ("François des Loges, otherwise called Villon"), in the other as "François de Montcorbier." He is also said to have named himself to the barber-surgeon who dressed his wounds as "Michel Mouton." The documents of this affair at least confirm the date of his birth, by presenting him as twenty-six years old or thereabouts.Around Christmas 1456, the chapel of the Collège de Navarre was broken open and five hundred gold crowns stolen.Almost five decades later, the legacy continues with her daughter Françoise catering to loyal neighbors and friends. We would like to sincerely thank those of you who have supported us through the years.

A bientôt et bon appétit, Jacqueline et Françoise Koster Jacqueline opened La Poubelle in 1969 based on a childhood dream of having a creperie in America. These will come after I post this reply, then I have to go into edit to make flickr work (anyone know why this is? Cheers, Bruce for some reason the pics seem to big to post direct.

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