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06-Oct-2017 01:59

Back in late Twenties New England, William Moulton Marston (Luke Evans) was a professor teaching psychology at then all-female Radcliffe College.His wife, Elizabeth (Rebecca Hall), conceives an early version of the lie detector, a device that director Angela Robinson harnesses here to erotically highly charged effect when they both fall in love with a beautiful young student, Olive Byrne (Bella Heathcote) and she with them.Giving a performance touched with just the right amount of actorly camp, Grant sings, demonstrates his lifelong talent for accents and even breaks into a ‘big number’ song- and-dance routine as the final credits roll.Oh, and in a role where he has almost as many costume changes as Alec Guinness in , he also plays a nun.Later, a dream sequence that sees Paddington returning to the Peruvian jungle proves similarly moving.Once again directed and co-written by Paul King, the film’s deceptive genius is not just a renewed faithfulness to the spirit of Bond’s books but the clever way it is set in the present day and yet constantly harks back to the more innocent times when the stories were written.Like publicize the secret identity of Spider-Man, thereby ruining his life. TOBEY goes backstage to find KIRSTEN, who has already been in the film more than anyone would like. KIRSTEN DUNST Wow, I had no idea that one of the many powers of the spider was being a hopelessly pussy-whipped little bitch! Damn, every time science experiments go poorly, it always makes a new enemy for Tobey Maguire. It is incredibly, patently obvious that I absolutely cannot put her above me, even a little bit. TOBEY MAGUIRE What, that one day you would take your father's equipment and come after me?TOBEY MAGUIRE Let's go to the woods and stare up at the stars, just to make sure the audience is so bored that they'll welcome anything that advances the story, no matter how idiotic. SCIENCE FACILITY THOMAS HADEN CHURCH escapes from prison, only to accidentally fall into a RIDICULOUS PLOT CONTRIVANCE that turns him into a guy made of sand. I'm now empowered with all of the abilities of a big pile of sand. You'd think the guy would be bombing research facilities out of desperation. ROSEMARY HARRIS'S APARTMENT TOBEY, with nobody to turn to for expository dialogue except his AUNT ROSEMARY HARRIS, wastes 10 more minutes of everyone's time talking about his boring relationship. I think I've done a good job of just barely holding together my double life as well as my relationship with her, so I know I'm ready. God I'm sick of being in these movies, couldn't I die? Anyway, a husband has to put his wife ahead of himself. JAMES FRANCO (squinting) No, that one day the incredibly popular Spider-Man film franchise would deteriorate into a mindless mess of poorly directed, poorly animated sequences strung together with awful writing meant to do nothing but cash in on the abundance of patience offered by fans. Suddenly, a crane goes out of control downtown, threatening the lives of an office full of people, including BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD, a girl from TOBEY'S class on COMIC BOOK PHYSICS. I've thrown two of these things at your head in this movie, they don't do shit. THOMAS HADEN CHURCH Dude, I'm totally sorry about killing your uncle. TOBEY MAGUIRE (crying) I forgive you, on the condition you don't smash me against steel beams anymore. and 5 scenes containing either singing or dancing...

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I mean, if you were a grieving elderly widow, desperately missing your late husband, wouldn’t you warm to a holographic computer programme that brought him back to life?

Elsewhere, Brendan Gleeson is a deadpan hoot as the threatening prison cook Knuckles Mc Ginty, while Hugh Grant gives one of the best performances of his career as the film’s scheming baddie, Phoenix Buchanan.

OK, so he’s playing a vain, washed-up old actor whose glory days are behind him – not exactly a stretch, his knockers will say – but the self-mocking execution is both endearingly game and surely nomination-grabbingly good.

– the first-ever live-action feature film about the small, marmalade-loving, duffel-coat-wearing bear from darkest Peru – was almost as much a relief as it was a delight.

For those of us who’d grown up with and the many books by Michael Bond that followed, the discovery that Paddington was still very much, well, Paddington, even if he was now up on the big screen in all his furry glory, was the most welcome of surprises.But can their ménage à trois possibly live happily ever after?

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